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IDePLATE & IDeSTIX in Oirschot

As part of a long-term project on the training and education grounds of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Tönnjes and Kirpestein presented RFID based solutions for vehicle identification to Lieutenant General Mart de Kruif, commanding officer of the Royal Dutch Army. Military vehicles were equipped with IDePLATEs and IDeSTIXs, license plates and windshield labels with integrated passive RFID chips. Reading units, which are mounted on a gantry, read the information stored on license plates and windshield labels. De Kruif called this solution a real-life technical innovation which provides concrete applications for military purposes.

Tönnjes Group supports German School in Panama

As a company with partners and projects around the globe, encouraging local development is of huge importance to us. Education is one of the most important assets and that is why we are supporting the establishment of the first German School in Panama. The aim of the project, organized by the Asociation Educativa Colegio Aleman and the governments of Panama and Germany, is to offer a high performance education. With the help of the latest technology and services in education and a trilingual curriculum, the future graduates will have the opportunity to enter the world’s best universities. The Nikolaus Kopernikus German School will be located in Clayton. The admission period for September 2016 has already commenced.

Tönnjes license plates for Pakistan

During 2014, Tönnjes won a 3 year contract for the supply of license plates for the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

As well as the supply of license plates, the order includes production equipment and a customized order management software for the complex local personalization process and related security applications.

Médecins Sans Frontières – Five years of support

For five years now we have been supporting Médecins Sans Frontières. With monthly donations, we make a contribution to assist them in their work.
As an independent medical relief organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières work on the most basic health care needs and build up a long term medical infrastructure throughout the entire world.
For us, especially as a company operating around the globe, the improvement of conditions in regions of poverty and crisis is of great importance. That is why we will continue with our support in the future.

IDeROBOT – the full-automatic embossing robot

Due to constantly increasing security standards in the field of vehicle registration and the need to automate, speed up and secure the production process of license plates, the Tönnjes Group is proud to present its latest innovation: the IDeROBOT. This full-automatic embossing robot is the perfect solution for supervised high-security license plate productions. With a production capacity of approximately 700 plates per hour, the IDeROBOT is the appropriate solution for the manufacturing of large lots in a centralized vehicle registration system.

ISO 14001 certification

The Tönnjes Group is determined to establish the highest environmental standards to ensure sustainability and to meet the requirements of the national stipulations.
We see the sustainable trade with license plates and corresponding products not only as an environmental friendly concept but as a holistic approach to safe the world’s resources.
The Tönnjes approach balances the four main areas of environmental protection (Energy saving, Reduction of pollution, Recycling of Waste and the Integration of the Suppliers into this policy). These main principles will consequently be applied on all areas of the company, from production to administration. Our environmental ambition has now been reviewed by the TÜV Süd, Germany who attested that we work in full compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. We are proud to announce that we are officially ISO 14001 certified since October 2013.

New license plate contract in New South Wales

Our Joint Venture company Licensys in New South Wales, Australia has been awarded the contract for the new New South Wales security license plates. The 5 year contract comprises a local production of approximately 1.5 million license plates per annum. Licensys produces over 100 types of different license plates (general issue, customized & special plates).

„Médecins Sans Frontières“ – Tönnjes supports Human-Aid organisation

All our activities around the globe – in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific – have one thing in common: we focus on local development and long term improvement. Thus, Tönnjes has become a sponsor of “Médecins Sans Frontières”, an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries. Your trust and cooperation has made this possible and we will continue to support MSF regularly in the future.

Tönnjes receives prolongation for the project “Bolivia”

In 2007, Tönnjes enforced its exploration of the South American continent. After establishing a factory in Panamay, Tönnjes received contract from the Bolivian RUAT (Registro Unico Para La Administracion Tributaria Municipal). This contract contains the production and the supply of finished license plates.
In October 2010, a prolongation of the contract has been awarded to Tönnjes for three more years. A reason to be proud because Tönnjes is actually the official producer and supplier of finished license plates in four South American countries (Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Bolivia).