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RFID solutions developed by Tönnjes

Technological innovations made by Tönnjes: With the implementation of a passive RFID tag in the vehicle’s aluminium license plate during the manufacturing process, the Tönnjes Group sets global benchmarks in the vehicle identification. The stored data can be retrieved anytime (even in moving traffic) via stationary or mobile readers. Additionally, we relaunched our third license plate (windshield label) with an implemented RFID tag.

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German car industry starts new year with self-confidence

The world automotive market is growing, although having a subdued economy. According to the German Automotive Industry most of the employees of the car industry do not have to be worried about their job situation. Despite the fact that there have been drastic declines of selling cars in Western Europe (mainly because of the weak demand of France, Spain and Italy) the situation on the job market in Germany is stable compared to other western European countries. Experts suspect that the worldwide sales of all manufacturers will edge up to 5% in the United States and 6% in China, which are the two main countries who are responsible for the assumption that the car industry will still be growing the coming years. Especially German corporations with their cars in the premium segment as well as some popular small cars will benefit from that.





Today I’ve read an interesting article about the use of ITS:

Innovation will help to make transport more sustainable, which means efficient, clean, safe and seamless. New infrastructure cannot solve all transport problems of congestion and emissions.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) apply information and communication technologies to transport. Computers, electronics, satellites and sensors are playing an increasingly important role in our transport systems. The main innovation is the integration of existing technologies to create new services. ITS as such are instruments that can be used for different purposes under different conditions. ITS can be applied in every transport mode (road, rail, air, water) and services can be used by both passenger and freight transport.


Regarding these facts J. H. Toennjes E.A.S.T. GmbH & Co. KG offers RFID-Numberplates (Radio frequency Identification), which are predestined for the use in combination with the identification of vehicles. For further information visit

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